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Can we use music making to challenge social and cultural borders in public space?
Theo 3 is a percussive melodic collaborative musical instrument. It presents an opportunity for a communal music making experience for non-musicians and musicians, young and old. Almost 4 meter long and wide, Theo 3 is a xylophone-type instrument, hit with either hands or sticks, that sparks curiosity for music making, while connecting people through a collaborative and creative activity. Theo 3 is based on research that looks at how people form relationships in public space and how these relationships facilitate open-mindedness and reflectiveness.
Process: Prototyping as a research tool
Theo 2 is the result of a second iteration on collaborative musical instruments. It shows an easy to access approach to music making by simplifying notes and tuning. A circular arrangement suggests playing it in a group.

The instrument has been inside and taken outside, establishing environments to question its form and functionality, to draw learnings and develop new design criteria.
Create for the collective, not for individuality.

Music can bring people together and "help us cope with the implications of our collective challenges." Working and thinking together for and about our societal systems is important and underestimated by many.

Whilst sustainable development also promotes interdependence and a sense of world citizenship, social and cultural diversity need not be a source of conflict. Rather, recognising the importance of diversity can help one to focus on humanity's capacity to work together to meet the enormous environmental and social challenges facing it. We should learn to celebrate unity in diversity. *